October 25, 2011

Feel The Music FTU Show Off

I made a tag with Melissa's fabulous FTU Feel The Music kit for a showdown at Siggy Showdown. You can find that HERE at Melissa's Inspirational Scraps. Check it out!!! 

October 20, 2011

New Blog Award!

I got this award from the fabulous, K'Lani at K'Lani Ddesigns. Check out her blog, she has some really fabulous tutorials and snags for ya!!! Thanks so much, doll!!! :)

I'd like to give this award to some wonderful blogs I visit! They inspire me to be a better siggy maker and just all around a better member of the PSP community! 

October 15, 2011

Tangled PTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. 
PSP version used: PSP X2

Tube- I'm using an awesome artwork tube of Elias Chatzoudis, you can purchase that and his other artwork at PSP Tubes Emporium
Scrap Kit of choice- I used the kit Tangled- which is a PTU kit from Melissa's Inspirational Scraps, which I CT for! You can find that and her other fabby kits HERE!
Font-  Witched FTU

Filters- Xero> Porcelain
                   dsb flux> Bright Noise
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow

Okay let's get started! 
Open up a new image 600 x 600. 
Open up Frame 6, resize 70% Copy and paste. 
Resize tube as needed, copy and paste. 
Open paper 2, resize 80, copy and paste. Magic wand on the inside of the frame. 
Selections> Modify> Expand 10. Invert. Click on paper layer, delete. 
Carriage, resize 60%, copy and paste. Erase, the horses reins. 
Castle, resize 80%, copy and paste.
Stone Path1, resize 70%, copy and paste. 
Vines2, resize 70%, copy and paste, erase extra that is over the frame on the bottom, to make it look like it's growing out of the frame. :) 
Tiara, resize 30%, copy and paste. 
Butterfly2, resize 15%, copy and paste. 
Lizard 1, resize 20%, copy and paste, position on the tower. 
Doodle, resize 60%, copy and paste behind everything. 
Flower 3, resize 15%, copy and paste. Duplicate twice, so you have 3 of the same layer. Position on the vine, and mirror one of the layers. 
Flowers3, resize 10%, copy and paste. 
Flowers 5, resize 30%, copy and paste, position behind the tower. 
Sparkle 2, copy and paste.
Now go back to your tube. Apply Xero> Porcelain, with these settings: 

Now for the font- I used Witched, it's a FTU font. 
I used size 140, with the Foreground #c000c0 and BG #ffec27, and made the foreground Null for now. 
Put your name with the BG color on only, and convert to raster layer. 
Apply dsb flux> Bright Noise- Mix, 50. Do this 4 times. 
Layers> New Raster Layer. position behind the font layer. 
Go back to font layer. 
Selections> Select All, float. 
Selections> Modify> Expand, 2.
Bucket Fill the blank layer inside the selected area. 
Selections> Select None. 
Merge the font layer down onto the bucket fill layer. 
Use the filter Eye Candy 4000 with the these settings, leave the original color:

Drop Shadow. 

Now add your copyright and license info, and 


You're done! 
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and don't forget to leave me some love!!! 


October 13, 2011

Blog Award!

I got this wonderful award from my girl, Christina from the fab Four Xs Designs. Thanks so much sweets, your blog rocks as well! :)

 I'd like to give this award to 3 other blogs that I really enjoy! 

K'Lani Designs- I've caught myself checking out her blog more than once in the last couple of days, LOL, she's got some awesome tags and tuts.
Leather and Lace Tuts- I just love their tutorials. They are pretty awesome! ;) 
Wicked Princess Scraps- She has really great scrap kits, and she's the queen of freakin' awesome Awareness kits.