September 26, 2013

CT "Beautifully Broken" Tag Show Off

So, I've gotten this amazing kit from Pink Paradox Productions called "Beautifully Broken" and I have to say, this is one of those kits that you can use OVER and OVER and OVER! LOL It's packed full of naughty and sexy goodies to make many, many tags! 

Get over to Pink Paradox Productions Store and purchase it today!

Here are 2 tags I made with this awesome kit: 

Thanks for stopping by!

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September 22, 2013

More Retired CU freebies!

Alrighty I've compiled all of the CU items that I've made in the past some a long time ago and some in the past few months. It's all going to be offered here for all of you awesome folks to snag! A couple of them are things I offered in the past for a limited time free, but now I've decided they will stay free forever! :) Please be sure to read the TOU's and enjoy! 

Download House Template HERE  

Download Pool CU Template HERE

Download CU Pack 1 HERE

Download Spring Mix HERE

Download Jelly Bean CU HERE

Enjoy and please don't forget to leave a thank you! 

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"Autumn Rain" Tag + FB Timeline Snag

Carrie of Pink Paradox Productions and I made a collab called "Autumn Rain" and I've made a tag. You can find the kit at Pimpin' PSPers Warehouse or at Pink Paradox Productions store! 

Here is the tag I made with this collab: 

 thanks for stopping by!

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New CU Freebie: Wine Bottle & Glass

I made some CU stuff a long time ago, and have recently decided to retire my CU selling career, LOL. I'll still be making CU stuff, but it will only be freebie stuff for all of you! I will also be re-activating the links of my limited time freebies, and will get them in another post later on today! I hope these come in handy for your scrap kits! :) 

You can download them HERE

Enjoy and please don't forget to be polite and say thank you! :) 

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September 19, 2013


I normally don't do things like this, but when I'm informed that I'm being called a bully and someone is saying that I'm plotting against them, well, I feel the need to defend myself. It has come to my attention that a girl named Amisha Anand Singhania (sp?) is saying the above, so HERE is my proof that everything that I have claimed about this girl is true, and I am in no way going after someone who is innocent!!! I did not go out of my way to 'slander' her name, people came to ME asking about the situation!!! 

She was a member of my forum, Pimpin' PSPers until November of 2012, when she posted this in my forum's Facebook group, WITH her KG license on it (which is invalid anyway since the tube is a personal commission). Once we verified that it was a stolen tube, she was immediately banned from our forum and FB group.

The tube was a personal commission for a man who wanted a tube of his WIFE!!! You can see the original tube HERE.

Notice that this tube has armpit hair that she has removed in her offer, also going against TOU's for this tube. The owner bluntly stated when he gave the tube to a small amount of people in the group he owned, that they were not to ALTER or remove the armpit hair! 

He also stated that she was not one of the people who he gave the tube to. and when we confronted her about where she got the tube, she couldn't give a straight answer, which led me to believe that she knew what she was doing.

This is his conversation with my co-owner Gin, when she contacted him on DeviantArt about it: 

So there you have it. Choose to do what you wish with this information. This kind of crap needs to stop! I know if someone stole my forum commissions they would have my foot in their keister. 

Thanks and have a great day.

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September 17, 2013

New PTU Kit "A Chilling Evening"

Check out this new Halloween themed kit I've got in all my stores! This kit is all about Halloween and has a lot of "witchy" elements to match all those amazing Halloween tubes out there! It has 73 elements and 14 papers, and is jam-packed with a plethera of unique items. Personal Use, Tagger Size, S4H OK. 

Be sure to get over and get it at ANY of the stores I sell in! :) 

And don't forget! I'm having awesome sales through the month 
of September in ALL of my stores!

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September 15, 2013

"Crazed" Tag + Snags

Got a tag today made with an awesome kit called "Crazed" by Kissing Kate! :) Be sure to get over and grab it in her stores! 

Here's the tag I made with it: 

And now for the snags, feel free to use them:

Thanks for stopping by! 

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September 6, 2013

"Autumn Eventide" PTU Tutorial

This Tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to another tutorial is completely unintentional. PSP version used: PSP X5
I'm using the beautiful artwork of Anna Marine. this tube
and her other work can be found at Creative Design Outlet
Scrap Kit
I used the Autumn Eventide by Pink Paradox Productions, you
can purchase it at her Personal Store
Blackadder ITC
Vanderlee> Unplugged-X
Lokas Software>Metal
Eye Candy 4000>ShadowLab & Gradient Glow

Alright let's get started. 
Open up your canvas 600 x 600.
Open up Autumn Eventide F Frame, and resize to 560 x 379, C&P into your canvas. 
Now open up your tube and resize to your liking, C&P into your canvas.
Open Autumn Eventide F (5), resize to 549 x 570. Image>Rotate Left. C&P. 
Now, copy your close up tube and paste into your canvas behind the first frame. 
Duplicate twice, go to the first layer, Image> Flip Horizontal, and then position the tube layers accordingly. and then merge all close ups.  
Now go to your magic wand tool, and fill the inside of the top frame, Autumn Eventide F. 
Selections>Modify... 5. 
Got down to the close up, merged layer and then go to Selections, Invert, and hit delete on your keyboard.
Selections>Select None. 
Duplicate your close up layer. 
Crop your canvas. 
Now magic wand the center of the top frame again, and Selections>Modify... 5. 
Now take your color picker tool and find 3 colors from your tube to create a gradient, like so: 

Create a new raster layer and then flood fill with your gradient. 
Now go to your top duplicated close up layer, and Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur, 6. 
Use your blend mode- Screen on that layer, and on the original close up layer 
use the blend mode Luminance (Legacy). Lower opacity to 75%. 
Now back to the layer that you blurred, use plug-in Vanderlee>Unplugged-X> Interlace
with these settings: 

Now for the elements! 
Autumn Eventide E (21) resize to 20%, Image> Free Rotate.... Right 40%, C&P.
Autumn Eventide E (11) resize to 30%, C&P. Duplicate, Image>Flip Horizontal and position 
on the other side of the original. 
Autumn Eventide E (18), resize to 30%. position right in front of the bottom frame Autumn Eventide F (5) 
and erase excess part of tree branch sticking out. 
Autumn Eventide E (3) resize to 30%, C&P.
Autumn Eventide E (35) resize to 40%, C&P.
Autumn Eventide E (76) resize to 20%, C&P. Duplicate, and Image>Flip Horizontal. 
Position accordingly. 
Autumn Eventide E (75) resize to 15%, C&P. Duplicate, and Image>Flip Horizontal.
Postion accordingly.
Autumn Eventide E (29) resize to 15%, Image> Flip Horizontal, C&P.
Autumn Eventide E (33) resize to 30%. C&P.
Autumn Eventide E (1) resize to 30%, C&P. 
Autumn Eventide E (41) resize to 30%, C&P.
Autumn Eventide E (77) resize to 40%, C&P. Duplicate, Image>Flip Horizontal, position opposite of original. 
Autumn Eventide E (66) resize to 40%, C&P.
Autumn Eventide E (90) resize to 50%, C&P. Duplicate, Image>Flip Horizontal, position opposite of original. 
Autumn Eventide E (106) resize to 75%, Image> Flip Horizontal, C&P. Manually tilt it to your liking with your Pick Tool. 
Autumn Eventide E (122) resize to 40%, C&P.
Autumn Eventide E (121) resize to 75%, C&P. Reduce Opacity to 75%. 
Autumn Eventide E (88) resize to 75%, C&P.

Now add your drop shadows to all of your layers. I used Eye Candy 4000> Shadowlab with these settings: 

Now for the name. 
I used the font Blackadder ITC at 60px, Bold, with the Anti-alias set to Smooth, in this 
red-ish color (#b03940).
Convert to Raster Layer, and then use the plug-in Lokas Software> Metal with these settings: 

Now use Eye Candy 4000>Gradient Glow with Basic's set to default and these settings for color: 

Add your drop shadow. 

Now add your copyrights and save as a PNG, and you're finished! 
Thank you for checking out my tutorial, I hope you have enjoyed it!

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September 3, 2013

CT Tags "Chaotic Storm" + Snags

Check out this amazing tube from Thubakabra at Artistically Inclined Licensing, she's gorgeous and they've got lots more to choose from! Be sure to get over there and see these tubes and the many other amazing artists that sell at AIL! 

And now for the snag tags: 

Thanks for stopping by!

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New PTU Kit: "Summer's Dying Wish"

Made a new kit and I have to say I'm really loving how this kit turned out and I hope you do too! 

Summer's Dying wish is a unique kit, with dark and soft colors representing the last breath of Summer as fall begins. It is tagger size and has 81 elements and 12 papers. Personal Use only, S4H okay. 

Grab it in all of my stores, and don't forget about my BOGO at PFD and 35% off at 
all of my other stores, for the month of September!!!

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