December 25, 2011

Cap'n Jack Sparrow PTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. PSP version used: PSP X2

Tube- I'm using an awesome exclusive tube from Pics For Design, this tube can be purchases with an exclusive membership at Pics For Design
Scrap Kit of choice- I used the kit Treasured by ChiChi, you can find out more about it on her blog ChiChi Designz
Font- Black Beard
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow

Ok lets get started! 
Open a new canvas 600x 600. 
Open Frame4, resize 70% 
Open Paper1,  resize 50% 
magic wand, and hold down the shift button, to magic wand all 3 insides of the frame. 
Selections> Modify> Expand 14 px. 
Invert, an go back to paper layer. Delete. 

Now open your tube, and resize 40%
c & p, and position as you would like. 

Now for the elements: 
Barrel- 40%
Barrels- 40%
Beware Sign- 30% 
Candles- 30% 
Chest- 30%
Coins- 20%, duplicate and resize duplicate layer 60% 
Crate- 40% 
Flag2- 50%
Gold- 20%
Lantern- 30%, erase bottom of lantern so it looks flat. 
Treasure Chest- 40% 
Firework- 50%, duplicate, 
Image> Mirror 

Now position Mask behind all layers, and resize width only- 90% 
Now add your drop shadow to all layers except the mask and fireworks. 

Now for the font! 

I used BlackBeard with black as the BG color and #aa854a as the FG. 
Size 74 px., stroke width 2.0
Convert to raster layer. 
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow with these settings:

Medium color setting. 
Use same settings to do Gradient Glow again, with Black Halo setting. 

Drop shadow to the name, and add your copyright info! 


You're done! ;) 
Thanks for checking out my tutorial and please drop me a comment and follow my blog if you like what you see!


December 22, 2011

Sin City PTU Kit

I've got a new scrap kit for sale at Fabulous Art Beginnings! It has 55 elements and 11 papers, and it's Inspired by the hidden aspects of Las Vegas and the familiar saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" Lot's of fun and different elements and papers to play with! 


December 2, 2011

Winter Blessings PTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. PSP version used: PSP X2 Supplies: Tube- I'm using an awesome art work of Susan Justice, this tube and her other artwork can be purchased at Up Your Art. Scrap Kit of choice- I used the kit Winter Blessings by ChiChi, you can find out more about it on her blog ChiChi Designz! Font- La Jolla ESFilters- Lokas Software> Snow Eyecandy 4000> Gradient Glow
Let's get started!
Open a new canvas 600 x 600.
Frame 2, resize 80%
Open up paper 3, and position behind the frame.
Magic wand inside of the frame, and
Modify> Expand> 3 px.
Back to paper layer, and invert, delete.
Adjust> Brightness & Contrast> Brightness -40, contrast 10
Effects> Texture Effects> Blinds with these settings:
Now open Fence, resize 50% c/p
position, duplicate, and mirror.
Add your tube, resize if needed, Adjust Brightness & Contrast> Brightness -20, Contrast 20
Now add your elements:
Baulbs- 20%
Candle- 25%
Lantern- 20%
Tree1- 90%, Brightness & Contrast> -30, Contrast 15
Bird- 20%
Bunny- 25%
Snow1- 90%
Reindeer1- 60%
Swirl- 85%
Mask-80%, opacity 70
Add drop shadow to all elements.
Now for the name:
La Jolla, 85 px., BG #9091b8, FG Black.
Convert to Raster Layer.
Plug-in> Lokas Software> Snow, with these settings:
Eyecandy 4000> Gradient Glow:
Basic- 5.00, 25, 100
Color- Medium.
Then Eyecandy 4000> Gradient Glow:
Basic- 3.00, 25, 65
Color- Black Halo
Free rotate- Left, 10
Add drop shadow.
Now add your Copyright info, and
All done! :) Hope you enjoy my tutorial as much as I did writing and please feel free to send me the tags you make following my tut! :) Don't forget to leave me some lurve.

November 27, 2011

AOG PTU Jackie Tutorial


This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. 
PSP version used: PSP X2

Tube- I'm using an awesome exclusive tube Jackie by Swt MeloDe for The Art Of Giving, a fantastic organization that gives back to the people who need it in the PSP community. You can purchase it and their other AOG Exclusives at The Art Of Giving.
Scrap Kit of choice- I used the kit Jackie, which was made exclusively for the tube I am using, it can also be found at The Art Of Giving
Template- Template 415 by Missy, grab that at Divine Intentionz.
Font-  Ladybug FTU font

Filters- VanDerLee>Unplugged X
dsb flux> Bright Noise> Color Dot
Xero> Radiance

Open up your template, and resize all layers to 600 x 492. 
Resize Canvas 650 x 650. 
Open your full sized tube, resize to 70%, copy and paste. 
Now go down to your Square 1 layer. 
Open up PP14, c & p. Duplicate, and put one under and one under Square 1. 
Select Square 1 again, select all, float, defloat, invert. 
Click on paper underneath, delete. 
Do the same with Square 2, and the duplicated layer. 
Do this with papers of choice to each layer. :) 
Frames, just add dsb flux> Bright Noise, 50 3 times. 

Open up close up2, resize 80% duplicate twice, and line up under the frames. 
magic wand inside of frame, modify> Expand, 3. Invert, delete, on all three close ups. 
Top close up layer, duplicate, blend mode- screen. 
Now do VanDerLee> Unplugged X> Pattern Offset, reduce to 25. 
Do the same to the other 2 layers. 

Go back to the middle square layer, merge the two, and select all, float, defloat, modify, 4. 
New raster layer, fill with the green color from the tubes shirt. 
dsb flux> Bright Noise> 50, twice. 

Now go down to your two bottom squares, and merge them together. 
Use plug-in>> color dot with these settings> 
90, 6, 255, 255, 255

Back to the tube, Plug-in> xero> Radiance:

Now for the elements! 
Barbed Wire Heart- 30%
BeadScatter- 70%, duplicate twice, position all over. 
Cupcake- 20%
Sunglasses- 20%
Pearlbox- 20%
Perfume- 40%
CurledRibbon- 40%
Tribal Orchid- Mirror, Flip, Resize 50%
Duplicate, Mirror, Flip. 
Keychain- 30%

Now do your name, I used Ladybug Font, size 72 px. with the same color I used on the bright noise layer. Added Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow, medium, with these settings: 

Gradient Glow> Black Halo, with the same settings above.  

Add your drop shadow to all layers. 
Put your copyright on there, and


All done!!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! :) Thanks for checking it out, and please leave me some love! 

November 19, 2011

Winter Chill PTU Kit

I just made a new kit, it's called Winter Chill and it reminds me of those cold and gloomy days when all you want to do is snuggle up in the house and watch the cold from the window with a nice cup of cocoa! :) Hope you like it! And you can get it at Fabulous Art Beginnings!!!


November 17, 2011

Holiday Cheer PTU Kit

Check out my new kit! Holiday Cheer! is a great kit for those red and white Christmas tubes that are very popular! :) 

Here's what I made!!! 


November 12, 2011

Thankful For Elastic FTU Mini Tutorial

Made with the awesome artwork of Elias Chatzoudis, which you can find at PSP Tubes Emporium .
 the awesome template made by my buddy Spazz! You can find that at her blog- Spazzd Out
I also used the wonderful FTU kit from Bibi's Collection, Lovely Autumn. 
Font I used was Autumn Deco, which is a FTU font. 

Plug-ins I used: 
L en K landksiteofwonders> L en K's Zitah> color dot
Eye Candy 4000> Glass 
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow 
dsb flux> Bright Noise

Have fun making your own creations, and I hope these guide lines help you create something beautiful! Please feel free to e-mail me your creations at and I'll post them on my blog for all to see! :) 

Thanks for stopping by! 

October 25, 2011

Feel The Music FTU Show Off

I made a tag with Melissa's fabulous FTU Feel The Music kit for a showdown at Siggy Showdown. You can find that HERE at Melissa's Inspirational Scraps. Check it out!!! 

October 20, 2011

New Blog Award!

I got this award from the fabulous, K'Lani at K'Lani Ddesigns. Check out her blog, she has some really fabulous tutorials and snags for ya!!! Thanks so much, doll!!! :)

I'd like to give this award to some wonderful blogs I visit! They inspire me to be a better siggy maker and just all around a better member of the PSP community! 

October 15, 2011

Tangled PTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. 
PSP version used: PSP X2

Tube- I'm using an awesome artwork tube of Elias Chatzoudis, you can purchase that and his other artwork at PSP Tubes Emporium
Scrap Kit of choice- I used the kit Tangled- which is a PTU kit from Melissa's Inspirational Scraps, which I CT for! You can find that and her other fabby kits HERE!
Font-  Witched FTU

Filters- Xero> Porcelain
                   dsb flux> Bright Noise
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow

Okay let's get started! 
Open up a new image 600 x 600. 
Open up Frame 6, resize 70% Copy and paste. 
Resize tube as needed, copy and paste. 
Open paper 2, resize 80, copy and paste. Magic wand on the inside of the frame. 
Selections> Modify> Expand 10. Invert. Click on paper layer, delete. 
Carriage, resize 60%, copy and paste. Erase, the horses reins. 
Castle, resize 80%, copy and paste.
Stone Path1, resize 70%, copy and paste. 
Vines2, resize 70%, copy and paste, erase extra that is over the frame on the bottom, to make it look like it's growing out of the frame. :) 
Tiara, resize 30%, copy and paste. 
Butterfly2, resize 15%, copy and paste. 
Lizard 1, resize 20%, copy and paste, position on the tower. 
Doodle, resize 60%, copy and paste behind everything. 
Flower 3, resize 15%, copy and paste. Duplicate twice, so you have 3 of the same layer. Position on the vine, and mirror one of the layers. 
Flowers3, resize 10%, copy and paste. 
Flowers 5, resize 30%, copy and paste, position behind the tower. 
Sparkle 2, copy and paste.
Now go back to your tube. Apply Xero> Porcelain, with these settings: 

Now for the font- I used Witched, it's a FTU font. 
I used size 140, with the Foreground #c000c0 and BG #ffec27, and made the foreground Null for now. 
Put your name with the BG color on only, and convert to raster layer. 
Apply dsb flux> Bright Noise- Mix, 50. Do this 4 times. 
Layers> New Raster Layer. position behind the font layer. 
Go back to font layer. 
Selections> Select All, float. 
Selections> Modify> Expand, 2.
Bucket Fill the blank layer inside the selected area. 
Selections> Select None. 
Merge the font layer down onto the bucket fill layer. 
Use the filter Eye Candy 4000 with the these settings, leave the original color:

Drop Shadow. 

Now add your copyright and license info, and 


You're done! 
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and don't forget to leave me some love!!! 


October 13, 2011

Blog Award!

I got this wonderful award from my girl, Christina from the fab Four Xs Designs. Thanks so much sweets, your blog rocks as well! :)

 I'd like to give this award to 3 other blogs that I really enjoy! 

K'Lani Designs- I've caught myself checking out her blog more than once in the last couple of days, LOL, she's got some awesome tags and tuts.
Leather and Lace Tuts- I just love their tutorials. They are pretty awesome! ;) 
Wicked Princess Scraps- She has really great scrap kits, and she's the queen of freakin' awesome Awareness kits. 

September 26, 2011

Hookah Forum Set Show off

I made myself a new forum set for Siggy Showdown, since quite a few of my friends call me Hookah! LOL I had fun making this, and I'm proud of it!

Photobucket Photobucket

September 25, 2011

Tainted Love Tag Show-off

Hey ya'll! I've got a new tag done with an awesome PTU kit Tainted Love that you can find at the awesome Melissa's Inspirational Scraps!!! Check it out, and grab her kit, it's awesome! Here's the tag I made from it! :) 

September 22, 2011

New Layout!

I just wanna give a shout out to Sherry, and say thanks for the awesome blog layout!! I love, love, love it soo much!!! Thanks again, huggles!!! :D

September 16, 2011

Spooktacular Hottie FTU

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. 
PSP version used: PSP X2

Tube- I'm using an awesome artwork tube of Elias Chatzoudis, you can purchase those at PSP Tubes Emporium, You must have a proper license to use his artwork. 
Template 8 from Amy and Leah's Halloween Templates, you can download that HERE
Scrap Kit of choice- I used Spook which is a FTU kit from Melissa's Inspirational Scraps, which I CT for! You can find that HERE.
Font- Wizards Magic

Xero> Fritillary
Xero> Radiance
Xero> Mistifier
dsb flux> Bright Noise 

Let's get it started! :) 
Open your template, and then resize to 650 x 650. Select sm circle, and copy and paste your tube. 

Paper1, select magic wand, and select circle again, Selections>Invert, delete. 
Paper8, behind large circle, magic wand the circle. select paper, Selections> Invert, delete.
 make lg circle invisible. 
On the paper circle do Xero> Fritillary: 

Paper4, resize 70%
Magic wand s 4, and click on paper layer, Selections> Invert, delete.
Paper13 do same steps as above for s1, s2, s3. 
Gradient two colors from your color palette, bucket fill on lg circle back, and sm circle back. I did purple and orange. 
dsb flux> bright noise 

Paper4, resize 70%, copy and paste. Magic wand- s 4, select paper, Selections>invert, delete. 
Paper14, do the same steps above on layers s1, s2, s3. 
Gradient 2 colors from your palette, and bucket fill both circle back layers. 
dsb flux> Bright Noise, Mix 75. on both. 
Increase repeats in gradient, and bucket fill rect. 
dsb flux> Bright Noise on rect back
Decrease the gradient repeats and bucket fill lg square back, dsb flux> Bright Noise
Pick 3 colors from the palette and bucket fill them into the top and bottom strips. 

Now for your close up tube. Copy and paste, resize if needed, and position over circle. select sm circle again with magic wand,  Select tube, Selections> Invert, delete. 
Xero> Radiance- 128, 50, 128, 124. 
Still on the close up, Xero> Mistifier with these settings:

Softlight, Opacity 60
Now, duplicate your full tube layer, mirror, position over the 3 squares the way you want them. Cut out parts of the tube you want to show in the squares, as I said from above. :)
Merge 3 squares with matching layers to make one layer. Effects> Texture effects- Blinds 2, 40. 
Opacity- 80

Now for the elements! Woo hoo! 
Spooky house- 30%
Web- 100%
SpideronWeb- 30%
Broom- 100%
Cauldron- 45%
Gravestone- 30%

Now, I used Wizards Magic font, at 65 for the awesome Shayuri at 70. :) 
Lokas Software> Gel, default settings, to both font and template WA. 

Drop shadow on everything, and add your copyright and water mark! 

POOF!!! You're done!!!

Hope you enjoyed my tut and please leave me some love to let me know you stopped by! :P

Happy Harvest PTU

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. 
PSP version used: PSP X2

Tube of choice, I'm using the awesome newly released art work of FourXsDesigns that you can find at PSP Tubes Emporium. You must have proper license to use her tubes. 
Scrap Kit of choice- I used Rustling Leaves by Darkmoon's Dream, and you can find that HERE.
Fonts- Autumn Deco and PetraScriptEF- both FTU

Xero> Radiance
Lokas Software> Gel
Eye Candy> Gradient Glow
DSB Flux> Bright Noise

Now lets do this! :P 
Open up a new canvas as 600x600. 
Open up your full tube- resize 90%, copy and paste onto main canvas, drop shadow- 4, 4, 45, 5.00. 
Duplicate, Effects> Radiance with these settings:

Opacity 60%
Open up your tree- resize 50%, copy and paste behind tube. Position where you want it. 
Duplicate, Image-Mirror.  Resize- 80%  Position where you want it. Drop shadow on both. 
Open Leaves03, resize- 60%, copy and paste, place behind everything. Duplicate, Image>Mirror. 
Open Leaves02- resize 50% place behind trees.
New Raster Layer-
Select Picture tube tool, and choose Grass 01. 
Place grass randomly so it looks like it's behind the tube. 
On the grass- Adjust> Hue and Saturation> Colorize
I used Hue 36, Saturation 105
Open pumpkin element, free rotate> right, 10.00, Resize- 40%, place where ya want. 
Duplicate> Mirror. Drop shadow on both, 2,2, 45, 5.00.
 Branch02, copy and paste behind the pumpkins. Drop shadow.
Hat02, resize 40% postion behind pumpkin. Drop shadow.
 Ribbon01, resize 50% copy and paste. 
Books resize- 30% copy and paste between branch and hat. Drop shadow.
Flower02, resize-15%. copy and paste. Drop shadow. 
Acorns02, resize- 10%, free rotate- left, 30.00. copy and paste. Duplicate a couple of times, mirror one and place around on the grass layer. 
Bird, resize 12%, Adjust> Sharpness> Sharpen, copy and paste. 
Basket, resize 20%, copy and paste in front of tube layer. Drop shadow.
Apples, resize 20%, copy and paste. Duplicate, Mirror, adjust so it can be seen.

Now for our text: I use Autumn Deco Font for the Happy Harvest at size 55. Then I zoomed in and colored the leaves yellow and orange. 
I used Lokas Software> Gel like this:

Then I used Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow> Medium, in an orange color with these settings: 
Glow Width 6, Soft Corners 25, Opacity 100. Drop shadow. 

Now write the name in PetraScriptEF, in yellow. Convert to Raster Layer, DSB Flux> Bright Noise- Mix 60. 
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow. Same settings as above, and then do it again with these settings- 4.00, 25, 100 with yellow. 
Drop shadow. 

Now add your copyright and watermark, and you're done! Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Thanks for stopping by, and I'd love to see your results! :)

September 14, 2011


Hey ya'll! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I'll just be doing snaggables and showoffs, and probably some tuts too. :) Here are some tags that I recently made.


I made it for my CT with Melissa at Melissa's Inspirational Scraps! I used her awesome kit Rockin Emo Skullz. 

Here's some that I made for some of my gals at Siggy Showdown, they rawk!!!