December 25, 2011

Cap'n Jack Sparrow PTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. PSP version used: PSP X2

Tube- I'm using an awesome exclusive tube from Pics For Design, this tube can be purchases with an exclusive membership at Pics For Design
Scrap Kit of choice- I used the kit Treasured by ChiChi, you can find out more about it on her blog ChiChi Designz
Font- Black Beard
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow

Ok lets get started! 
Open a new canvas 600x 600. 
Open Frame4, resize 70% 
Open Paper1,  resize 50% 
magic wand, and hold down the shift button, to magic wand all 3 insides of the frame. 
Selections> Modify> Expand 14 px. 
Invert, an go back to paper layer. Delete. 

Now open your tube, and resize 40%
c & p, and position as you would like. 

Now for the elements: 
Barrel- 40%
Barrels- 40%
Beware Sign- 30% 
Candles- 30% 
Chest- 30%
Coins- 20%, duplicate and resize duplicate layer 60% 
Crate- 40% 
Flag2- 50%
Gold- 20%
Lantern- 30%, erase bottom of lantern so it looks flat. 
Treasure Chest- 40% 
Firework- 50%, duplicate, 
Image> Mirror 

Now position Mask behind all layers, and resize width only- 90% 
Now add your drop shadow to all layers except the mask and fireworks. 

Now for the font! 

I used BlackBeard with black as the BG color and #aa854a as the FG. 
Size 74 px., stroke width 2.0
Convert to raster layer. 
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow with these settings:

Medium color setting. 
Use same settings to do Gradient Glow again, with Black Halo setting. 

Drop shadow to the name, and add your copyright info! 


You're done! ;) 
Thanks for checking out my tutorial and please drop me a comment and follow my blog if you like what you see!



  1. I love the tag hunni - I went Exclusive just so I could get this tube, but have not created yet - yours is fabulous!

  2. TYSM hun, love it...
    Linked your tut on my blog ♥
    Hugz xoxo Cindy