December 18, 2013

PTU "Christmas in Jamaica" Tutorial

This Tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to another tutorial is completely unintentional. PSP version used: PSP X5
I'm using the artwork of Ismael Rac. this tube
others can be found at his STORE
Scrap Kit
"Christmas in Jamaica" by Karra's Kreative Korner
 purchase it at Pimpin' PSPers Warehouse
HPD_175 found HERE
Vanderlee> Unplugged-X> Interlace & Pattern Offset
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow

Ok let's get started! 
Open up your template and make raster 11, 12, & 13 invisible.
 C&P your tube without resizing.
Merge the bottom two layers (Raster 1&2) of the template,
fill with gradient like so: 

then duplicate your tube, position over the template layer you just merged, and merge them. 
Go back to the template layer, Selections>Float, Defloat, Invert, and then go back to your 
tube layer and hit delete on your keyboard. 
Selections>Select None. 
Duplicate your tube layer
Crop your canvas so there is no stray paper on the edges, 
Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur, 6. 
Use your blend mode Screen on this one
Use your filter Vanderlee>Unplugged-X> Pattern Offset, 30.
Back down to the original and blend mode Luminance (L)
Open kkpaper11, resize to 600 px, and C&P under Raster 3. 
Click on Raster 3 layer, and Selections>Float, defloat, invert, back to paper layer and 
 hit delete on your keyboard
null Raster 3. 
Open kkpaper13, resize to 600 px and C&P under Raster 4. 
Click on Raster 4 layer, Selections>Float, defloat, invert, back to paper layer and
hit delete on your keyboard, null Raster 4. 
Now go to Raster layer 9, drag it down until it's the next layer above Raster layer 5.
Do the same with Raster layer 7, 
Merge layers, 9, 7, and 5 together, and then open kkpaper7, C&P under this layer. 
On the merged layer Selections>Float, defloat, invert, back down to kkpaper7, 
delete on your keyboard, null merged 9, 7, 5 layers.
Merge layers 10, 8, 6.
then flood fill with your gradient from earlier. 
C&P your tube layer again, duplicate twice, resize just a wee bit smaller..
Position the face of the tube in each circle. 
back down to merged circles, Selections>Float, defloat, invert, and then on 
each tube layer click delete. 
Merge the circle tube layers. 
Duplicate, and crop your canvas so theres no stray stuff on the edges.
Top duplicated layer, Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur, 4. 
filter Vanderlee>Unplugged-X>Interlace with these setting: 

and then blend mode Screen.
Bottom layer, Soft light.

Now C&P your tube layer one last time, resize to the inside of your canvas. 

Now for the elements: 
kk_candy cane
kk_Christmas tree
kk_santa hat

Add your copyright and license info, and now for the name.

I used Occidental at 48 px, Bold, Anti-alias: Smooth.
With the color #5dbec9
Convert to Raster Layer, and then 
Adjust>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise... 
Eye Candy 4000>Gradient Glow with Basic settings
3.00, 0, 100
And Color setting like so: 

Now add your drop shadows to all of your layers and TADA!!! 
You're all done! 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my tutorial! :) 

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