August 11, 2013

"Street Fabulous" PTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. PSP version used: PSP X5

I'm using an awesome work of Alex Prihodko.This tube and others like it 
can be purchased at PicsForDesign
Scrap Kit-
Fabulous by Tasha's Playground
xero- Radiance
Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow
Lokas Software> Chrome

Open up your canvas 600 x 600. 
Open up Frame1, Image> Rotate right, then C & P into your canvas.
Now open up your tube, and copy merged, then C & P into your canvas. 
Position the face in the frame to your liking, duplicate, and move it to the other side, Merge down.
Then take your magic wand, and click the inside of your frame. 
Selections> Expand 4.
Selections> Invert, on your tube layer hit delete. 
Crop your canvas. 
Invert again, and use 2 colors that go with the kit or tube, and make a gradient like so: 

And Layers> New Raster Layer...
Position behind all other layers.
Flood fill your gradient inside your selected area. 
Selections> Select None 
Duplicate your close up layer, Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur- 6.
Use blend mode- Screen on your blurred layer and then Adjust> Hue & Saturation> Colorize- 0,0. 
On the bottom layer, blend mode- Luminance (L), and lower the opacity to 45%. 
Go back to your tube, and copy merged, paste into canvas.
Resize it to 35%. 
Duplicate your tube layer, and xero> Radiance: 

Adjust> Blur> Gaussian Blur- 3.
Blend mode- Screen, lower opacity to 40%. 
Now for the elements: 
Cityscape1- 45%, duplicate, flip and position them behind the other elements 
Erase excess part of elements on both sides. 
Ghetto Blaster- 80% 
Hubcaps- 80%
Spraycan- 40%
traffic light- 80%
street sign2- 70%
street sign1- 80%
Building2- 80%, duplicate, flip and put on the other side. 
Jello shot- 40%
tapes- 60%, rotate a little. 
purple drink- 60%
glasses- 40%
bomb- 60%

Now add your drop shadows to everything. 

Open paper1, Layers> Load/Save Mask> Load Mask from Disk... 
Use Mask WSL_Mask84, merge group, resize 70%, copy and paste. 

add your copyright info and license #. 

Type out the name you will use with Whoa! font at 48px, bold, smooth in the hot pink color- #fd4fc6
Convert to raster layer...
Use plug-in Lokas Software>Chrome with these settings: 

Plug-in Eye Candy 4000> Gradient Glow- 3.0, 25, 100
With the color black and purple like so: 

Add your drop shadowing and you're done! :) 

Thanks for checking out my tutorial! 

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