September 19, 2013


I normally don't do things like this, but when I'm informed that I'm being called a bully and someone is saying that I'm plotting against them, well, I feel the need to defend myself. It has come to my attention that a girl named Amisha Anand Singhania (sp?) is saying the above, so HERE is my proof that everything that I have claimed about this girl is true, and I am in no way going after someone who is innocent!!! I did not go out of my way to 'slander' her name, people came to ME asking about the situation!!! 

She was a member of my forum, Pimpin' PSPers until November of 2012, when she posted this in my forum's Facebook group, WITH her KG license on it (which is invalid anyway since the tube is a personal commission). Once we verified that it was a stolen tube, she was immediately banned from our forum and FB group.

The tube was a personal commission for a man who wanted a tube of his WIFE!!! You can see the original tube HERE.

Notice that this tube has armpit hair that she has removed in her offer, also going against TOU's for this tube. The owner bluntly stated when he gave the tube to a small amount of people in the group he owned, that they were not to ALTER or remove the armpit hair! 

He also stated that she was not one of the people who he gave the tube to. and when we confronted her about where she got the tube, she couldn't give a straight answer, which led me to believe that she knew what she was doing.

This is his conversation with my co-owner Gin, when she contacted him on DeviantArt about it: 

So there you have it. Choose to do what you wish with this information. This kind of crap needs to stop! I know if someone stole my forum commissions they would have my foot in their keister. 

Thanks and have a great day.

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