November 23, 2014

PTU "Country Xmas" Photoshop Tutorial

This Tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to another tutorial is completely unintentional. 
I am using Photoshop CS5 for this tutorial.
I'm using the artwork of Keith Garvey. this tube
 can be found at his STORE
You must have a valid license to use his artwork.
Scrap Kit
"Country Christmas" by Pink Paradox Productions
AuldMagick Bold
RR_MaskSet36_Mask2 found HERE
xero- Soft Vignette
Let's get started! 
Open up your canvas 600x600 px. 
Open up Country Christmas Frames (1) and Country Christmas Frames (3)
Drag them over to your canvas and fit to your liking. 
Open the close up of your tube and bring down to the bottom layer. 
Duplicate it and then Edit>Transform> Flip Horizontal
position both layers to your liking and then merge them. 
Now to Country Christmas Frames (1) which is the white frame.
Use your magic wand tool to click the inside of the white frame, and 
the Select> Inverse
Make sure you click on the close up layer again and hit delete on your keyboard. 
Select> Deselect
Be sure you crop you image before going any further to avoid any stray yucky stuff on the border 
of your tag. 
Now use your magic wand and click the inside of the frame once more. 
Select> Modify> Expand... 5 
Grab two colors of your choice and make a gradient like so:

Make a new layer and bring down to make it the bottom layer. 
Now drag your gradient tool from the left top corner to the right bottom corner. 
Now go back down to your merged close up, and duplicate it. 
On the duplicated layer Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur...6.5
Now on your blend mode for that layer- Screen. 
Then go to Filters>Xero>Soft Vignette with these settings:

For the bottom layer Luminosity, and then make the opacity 65%.
Now, open up your tube and drag to the canvas. Adjust to your liking. 
Now for the elements! 
I used the following:
Country Christmas (33)
Country Christmas (40)
Country Christmas (106)
Country Christmas (132)
Country Christmas (133) 
Country Christmas (137)
Country Christmas (140)
Country Christmas (143)
Country Christmas (151)
Country Christmas (156)
Country Christmas (158)
Country Christmas (163)
After you have positioned and resized them all to your liking, it's time for drop shadows! 
I used drop shadows with this setting: 

for all layers BUT the tube. 
I used these shadow settings for the tube like so: 

For the mask I used Country Christmas Papers (29) and the mask
I stated at the beginning of this tutorial. 

Now for the font: 
I used a style by Designs by Sarah which can be found HERE, and I used 
the one in gold with a green stroke around it and drop shadow applied like the rest of the elements. 

Add your copyright and then you are all finished!!! 

Thanks for checking out my tutorial! 
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