April 2, 2015

CT PTU "Detective Sexy" Tutorial

This Tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to another tutorial is completely unintentional. 
I am using Photoshop CS5 for this tutorial.
. I used the artwork of Tony T. I bought mine at PTE when it was still open, 
but you can find it in his store HERE
Scrap Kit
"CSI" by Freek's Creations, found at Mystical Scraps
Volstead & Heavyweight

Now let's get started. 
Open up a new canvas at 650x650. 
No bring in Frame and resize to your liking. 
Now bring in your close up of the tube, and position behind the frame. 
Position to your liking and then duplicate it. Position that one on the other side 
of the frame and merge them together. 
Now, use your magic wand to select the inside of the frame, and then 
Select>Modify> Expand...3. 
Select> Inverse.
Hit delete with your keyboard to get rid of all the excess around the outside of the frame.
Duplicate it. 
Select> Inverse and then create a new layer. 
Make a gradient with your red and blue colors from the kit using your dropper tool. 
Crop the entire thing to get rid of any strays that might still be hanging around. 
The top duplicated close up you will want to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur...5.
Use the blending mode, Screen. 
On the bottom on, use blending mode, Soft Light and then lower the opacity to 50%. 
Now bring in your tube and position to your liking.
Now for the elements, I used the following:

Caution Tape
Equipment Case
Evidence Bag
Magnifying Glass
Plastic Bag
Police Lights
Print Powder
Team ID
Toe Tag

Now add drop shadows to all of the above, including your frame and tube, like so: 

Now for the Detective Sexy Wording. 
I used the font Heavyweight at 50 px. with the color #2f8bc9.
I used a stroke with white at 2px. and 100% opacity. 
Then I did a bevel & emboss like so: 

and then add a drop shadow like the other elements. 
Now add your mask. I used the mask stated above with Paper8. 
Add your copyright and license and then it's time to do the name last. 

I used the font Volstead at 48px. with the color #c43421. 
I used a black stroke at 1 px and 100% opacity. 
Then I added my drop shadow. 
Crop to your liking and you're done! 

Thanks for checking out my tutorial!
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