February 11, 2012

Dark Angel PTU Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely unintentional. PSP version used: PSP X2


Tube- I'm using an awesome work of Zindy S. D. Nielsen. this tube and others like it can be purchased at Zindy Zone with a proper license. 
Scrap Kit of choice- I used the Creeped by ChiChi, you can find out more about it on her blog ChiChi Designz

Mask- Weescotslass Mask 60, which can be found HERE
xero> Radiance
Eye Candy 4000>Gradient Glow

Now let's get started! :) 

Open 600 x 600 canvas. 
Now open Frame 1, resize 70%, c & p. 
Open Paper3, resize 70%,  c&p, Magic wand inside of frame, Modify>Expand, 4. Invert, delete. 
Open your tube, c&p, and resize and position as you like. 
Xero> Radiance with these settings: 

Now open Tree 3, resize 70%, c & p. position, and then duplicate and mirror.
Open Mooncloud, resize 80%, mirror. 
Metalheart, resize 20% 
Bottle1, resize 30%
Spellbook, resize 30%, free rotate, 10, right. 
Rose1, resize 20%
Mirror, resize 30%
Skullrose, resize 30%
Bows, resize 70%

Now for the mask....
Merge group and resize 70%, c & p. 

Now for the font: 
I used ANGEL TEARS, at 200 px. with black as the FG and #808080 as the BG. 
Convert to Raster Layer, Eye Candy4000> Gradient Glow> Glow Width 5, with these settings:

Gradient Glow again, default basic settings, and these color settings: 

Add your copyright info and license # and you're done!!!! Thanks for checking out my tutorial and I hope you liked it! 


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