January 28, 2015

PTU "Cherry Berry Crush" Tutorial

This Tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to another tutorial is completely unintentional. 
I am using Photoshop CS5 for this tutorial.
"Susan" by Stan Dudin
Scrap Kit
"Cherry Berry Crush" by Gimptastic Scraps
Pea Becki Font
WSL_260 (download the bulk file on the right of her blog)

Let's get started. 
Open your canvas at 650x650
Drag in Frame5 and your tube, resize to your liking. 
Now bring in the close up, and duplicate. Position, and then merge them. 
Go to your frame layer and click inside of it with your magic wand tool. 
Inverse, and then go to your close up layer and hit delete with your keyboard.
Then Select>Inverse again.
Create a gradient under that layer with the colors #aa0000 & #d951b8
Duplicate your close up layer and then on the duplicate, Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur....5.5
Now Select>Deselect.
On the duplicated layer you will want the Blending Mode- Screen
On the original close up layer you will want Blending Mode- Luminosity with the opacity at 75%.
Now for the elements...

I used all of the following:
Envelope Scatter
Flower 2
Flower 3
Flower Scatter
Gift Bag
Label 2
Leaf 1
Leaf Doodle
Paper Flower
Ribbon Flower

Position to your like and then add a drop shadow like so to all elements but the WA, including your
frame like so:

Now for the mask... I used Paper6 along with the mask I linked above. :)
Add your copyright info and now for the name.

I used the font Pea Becki with the color #c50000 at 48 px.
I also used stroke in white at 2 px with opacity at 100%
Now for the Bevel and Emboss. I used it like so:

Now add your drop shadow like you did with the elements to the name and you're finished!
Thanks for checking out my tutorial!

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