January 26, 2015

PTU "Rock Star" Tutorial

This Tutorial was written by me, any resemblance to another tutorial is completely unintentional. 
I am using Photoshop CS5 for this tutorial.
Scrap Kit
"Rockstar" by Freek's Creations
I used the artwork of Ismael Rac. You must have a proper
 license to use his artwork. 
DJB I Love a Ginger
WSL_98 (download the bulk file on the right of her blog)

Let's get started! 
Open up a new canvas at 650x650. 
Drag your tube into the canvas. 
Bring in Frame and Word Art from the kit and position all under the tube layer. 
Click inside of the Frame and Select>Inverse. 
Use your eraser tool to erase all of the tube on the outside of the marching ants on the bottom. 
Now position the Word Art above the tube layer. 
Go back to your tube layer and use your magic wand to click outside of the tube. 
Now go back to the word art once again and erase all that is over the tube's face and arm. 
Now drag in your close up and position below all layers. 
Position to your liking and then duplicate it. 
Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontally 
Position to your liking and then merge the two layers. 
Now go back to your frame and click inside of it again. 
Go down to the merged close up layer and hit delete with your keyboard. 
Now hit Select>Inverse once again and create a new layer under the merged tube layer. 
Create a gradient from your tube's clothing like so:

I used the colors #54bcc3 & #d83867
Fill the inside of your marching ants with this gradient and then go to your merged tube layer. Duplicate it. 
Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur>6.3
on the duplicated layer.
Monochrome the duplicated layer to black and white and then use Blending Mode- Screen
On the original layer use Blending Mode- Luminosity 
Now use your filter VanDerLee>Unplugged-X> Pattern Offset...32
and then LenK's Zitah with the settings like so: 
Now for the elements. 
I used the following: 
Backstage Pass
Bling (Duplicated 3 times)
Broken Glass
Ribbon4 ( I removed the part of the ribbon that was over one side of the headphones)
add your drop shadow to all layers like so: 
Now do your mask that I suggested above on Paper1 and duplicated it, and then put all of your correct copyright info on it and then crop it to your liking.
Now for the name- 
I used the font DJB I Love a Ginger with the color #d63d6a at size 60 px. 
Then I the stroke around it in black, size 2 px, 100% opacity. 
Then I used Bevel and Emboss like so:
Add a drop shadow like I did with the other layers and then you're done! 
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and TY for stopping by! 

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